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Terrible Ideas by Dan Jewett - Issue #1

Terrible Ideas
Terrible Ideas by Dan Jewett - Issue #1
By Dan Jewett • Issue #1 • View online
Hello Friends,
Thank you for opening the inaugural issue of the Terrible Ideas newsletter!
Despite the newsletter’s name, things are generally positive here. Occasional grouching only. I think I probably chose the name during a fit of pique caused by some dumb Facebook meme. Which brings me to the point of why I created this newsletter and the accompanying website.
The initial promise of the Internet/Web was that we could all have our own space there if we wanted it. That’s all I’m doing here. Staking out a little claim.
It’s my hope that you’ll visit Terrible Ideas, comment on posts, share what you find, etc. But I also hope that you might consider creating a space of your own on the web. I can help you with that. It’s easy, and there are lots of options for how to go about it. I’ll be posting more on that soon.
You can also reply to this email directly if you’d like to say hello or offer any feedback.
Thanks for reading!
~Dan J.

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What’s on Terrible Ideas?
Terrible Ideas uses a pretty traditional blog setup. There is content I create myself and there are links to content on other sites. I use a set of tags to categorize what I post, and you can see that list in the sidebar section called “Disarray.” There is an old-school blogroll as well. Point me to your own website so I can add you to the list of people I follow.
If you have no recollection of who Dan Jewett is, or why you’re hearing from him, you can visit the “About” page.
Moments” is an experiment with posting short snips of my daily experience in a sort of Twitter feed format. Lots of music selections in there.
There are some things other people have said that I wish I had thought of saying myself.
There is poetry. Some of it is mine. Some of it is recited.
Other ways to get Terrible Ideas
You can subscribe on the website to receive an email notifications when new content is posted.
One last thing…
This newsletter showed up in your inbox because…I have your email address and I thought you might not mind receiving it. If you do mind, please go immediately to the “unsubscribe” link below. I will completely understand.
Did you enjoy this issue?
Dan Jewett

Personal musings on what I observe in my daily life. I'll tell you what I'm reading, what I'm listening to, and what I see when I'm out walking about.

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